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I created BOHO ZEN to share ideas and knowlege, to help others create a beautiful life, full of health, vitality and empowerment.

I started in the fitness industry over 20 years ago and have seen the rise and fall of diets and neverending get fit quick fads. Over the years, as a fitness trainer, beauty therapist, nutrition and health coach, wife and mother it occurred to me that we, as women are so busy rushing around keeping up with everything around us, that we have forgotten to slow down and take time to do the things we love, care for our bodies and our mental health, and connect to our truest selves. Boho Zen is a space in which to find and reconnect to your most amazing, beautiful, honest self. Through Yoga, Fitness, Health and Nutrition Coaching, Creative and Lifestyle Workshops, I believe Boho Zen can guide you on this path. 

Boho Zen - a place to create your most beautiful life.

I live in the beautiful Southern Highlands of NSW, with my husband, three children, Mac the dog and Whiskers the cat.

I'm all about "keeping it real"  - throughout my life I have always thought that we can each be the best we can be, with a little work, a little mindfulness and a little fun. That's not to say we won't have challenges in life and it can be overwhelming, combining the efforts of being a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, worker, career woman, fitness fanatic, foodie and all the rest! But life, although filled with challenges, can be full of joy and wonder. The way that we cope and deal with these challenges can make or break us. I choose to live a life of balance, a life full of all things I love, a life of Abundance. I love Yoga, and I also love baking nutritious food and a sneaky wine now and then. I love fitness and being a healthy role model for my family, and I also love lazy Sundays at home, usually working on my latest macrame design. Balance, keeping it real, and making time to do the things I love, that's how I face each day and I hope I can bring a little balance to your life too. 

Even the smallest step can bring the greatest change.


 ...the light in me honours the light in you...